Europ’Act is the tool designed for the implementation and strategic steering of the cohesion policy in France for the 2007-2013 period. Under the management authority of DATAR, in conjunction with the DéGéOM for the Convergence objective, Europ’Act is designed for the stakeholders concerned by the implementation of this policy.




Further to the ambitions of the 2007-2013 cohesion policy, there is a need to take ownership of its strategic issues and intervention procedures. Supporting the institutional stakeholders concerned by the implementation of this policy (SGAR, Regional Councils, managing Ministries etc.) and the other players involved in the priority domains of action (attractiveness, innovation, knowledge economy, employment, sustainable development etc.) is therefore a necessity.

The national Europ'Act programme, co-financed by the ERDF, is intended to support the initiatives developed in this respect, helping launch and provide food for thought, support and overall monitoring of how the issues of the cohesion policy are dealt with. The idea is to identify, promote and capitalise on best practices while providing all those involved in the implementation of the cohesion policy with pertinent support, knowledge and tools.

For more information on the Europ’Act programme, you can also download the operational programme.

Subsidy request:

Prior to submitting a subsidy request under the Europ'Act programme, we invite you to read the beneficiary's guide and its appendices ( the summary table of expenditure (650.00 kB) and implementation report (2.10 MB) ).

For additional information on how to prepare your application, you can e-mail:


Agenda of the programming committees:

The dates of the programming committees of the Europ’Act programme for 2012 have been announced. Please note that they are only indicative at this stage and are likely to be modified, for necessary technical or logistical reasons.

  • 1st  programming committee for 2012: 28 March 2012 - Deadline for the receipt of funding applications from project initiators: 29 February 2012 


  • 2nd  programming committee for 2012: 28 June 2012 - Deadline for the receipt of funding applications from project initiators: 16 May 2012 


  • 3rd  programming committee for 2012: 25 October 2012 - Deadline for the receipt of funding applications from project initiators: 6 September 2012 


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Useful Links:

With 'Europe en France', several websites are co-financed by the European Union as part of the Europ'Act programme:

  • The website of the PRESAGE software, the unique tool for the monitoring and management of European programmes (ESF, ERDF and EFF) and State-Region project Contracts (CPER). This software is also used to monitor PERs (Centres for Rural Excellence) BOP (Operational Budgets of LOLF Programmes) etc.:
  •  Website of the national Mission for the coordination and promotion of French integrated urban projects (PUI):


Discover the "Knowledge of European programmes" collection published by Europ'Act to find out everything on the major themes of the cohesion policy.

Thematic dossiers, strategic notes and study summaries to give you food for thought or simply for more information!