Vademecum governance State-Regions

In the second semester of 2012, a new decentralisation phase was initiated by the President of the French Republic. This is a major strategic decision, a prerequisite to France's economic recovery as decentralisation, in addition to rationalising public expenditure, will optimise the mobilisation of all driving forces and innovation capabilities of regional and local stakeholders.

With this in mind, the Regional Councils were entrusted with the management of the majority of the European funds. The French law on the modernisation of public territorial action and affirmation of metropolitan areas, published on 28 January 2014, provides a legislative basis for this transfer of competence. The Regional Councils are now fully responsible politically, legally and financially for the funds entrusted to them. From the development of the strategy of their regional programmes to the allocation and monitoring of the associated European funds, they must guarantee compliance of the projects financed with all applicable local, national and European regulations, and the performance of their programmes.

The State, acting alongside them, retains a responsibility equivalent to that of the Regional Councils for the part of the funds it continues to manage, as well as a more general political responsibility for the coherence and seamless implementation of the funds in the national territory. The State, throughout the programming period, oversees the implementation of the jointly managed European policies in accordance with its regulatory obligations in the French territory, and also guarantees the overall strategic coherence of the public action, while respecting respective jurisdictions. The State and its public agencies contribute to the European funds management and control system in their capacity as audit authority, accounts certifying body, certification authority and paying agency. It also assists the authorities responsible for implementing the funds via the national technical assistance programme.

When it comes to the European funds, the Regional Councils' missions and those of the State are therefore intrinsically linked. The successful completion of these missions requires appropriate governance.

The 18 June 2014 version of this guide identifies the governance issues, the general principles to be shared and applied, as well as the resulting operating procedures. It is to be updated whenever required; any modification is subject to validation by the State-Regions Inter-fund Committee.


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