Date: 2012 Funds: ERFD Amount of co-financing UE: 193 500 € Champagne-Ardenne


Themes: The European next door ; Aid to businesses ; Research and innovation ; Health
Beneficiary: C2F IMPLANTS SAS

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C2F Implants designs, develops and sells hip, knee prostheses and associated ancillary equipment required for fitting the implants. The development was carried out in close collaboration with orthopaedic surgeons.

As a result of this collaboration, the company significantly increased  its turnover and gained an international reputation. The surgeons worked collaboratively on the development of different prostheses, with extremely satisfactory results in terms of the product as well as the fitting technique associated with the ancillary equipment.  The company stands out from the competition due to its greater creativity, responsiveness and adaptability in terms of product design. The products are designed specifically for each patient to facilitate the implantation of the prosthesis, speed up the patient's recovery and ultimately reduce hospitalisation costs.

The R&D team is currently collaborating with a surgeon to design a fixed-bearing knee prosthesis which should result in a patent application.

The R&D project, co-funded by the European regional development fund (ERDF) aims at significantly improving the knee prosthesis in terms of robustness and simplification of the ancillary equipment, thereby improving the fitting of the prosthesis.

The end product of the research project would result in improved technical characteristics and price, which will help expand the company's market, notably by creating opportunities on the international market. This strategy will allow the company to continue to stand out from the competitors and world leaders.



Additional information

  • Duration: 1 year
  • Total cost: 929 452 €
  • Key numbers
    • Accelerated patient recovery and reduction in hospitalisation costs
    • 500 patients in France and a bright future on the international market