Date: 2012 Funds: ESF Amount of co-financing UE: 95 000 € Haute-Normandie


Themes: The European next door ; Culture and tourism ; Employment and social inclusion
Beneficiary: Bateau de Bretonne Association

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The Seine-Maritime department wanted to align its personnel requirements for the performance of works on the ancient site of Lillebonne with the creation of a structure providing work for people in difficulty. The objective of the tasks entrusted to the integration workshop will be to raise the profile of the ancient structures already restored, to prepare and support the archaeological excavation, restoration and promotion campaigns of monuments, via a number of additional operations.

The recipients will have the opportunity to see the work done on the Lillebonne site; the tasks entrusted to them will help with their reintegration into the labour market. The organisation will be supported by Department personnel working on site with a view to helping these people regain self-confidence, participate in a large-scale project so they can learn about the archaeological work carried out on the site. This unique project will align the Department's objectives in terms of the Lillebonne site and social inclusion action.

Two teams of 5 working simultaneously will be recruited, one team on site 5 days a week, i.e. 26 weekly working hours, which includes training as part of the integration contract.

A wide variety of actions have been planned:

  • clearing the walls of any vegetation growth likely to cause deterioration,
  • in certain parts of the Roman theatre, unearthing already excavated structures which have since been naturally covered by soil,
  • preparatory groundwork for the archaeological excavation work which is carried out at specific times of the year,
  • showcasing and consolidation of the remains unearthed by the archaeological excavation work,
  • maintenance of the reception area (floor, exterior and interior paint),
  • participation in the creation of the visit circuits which will be implemented in the theatre,
  • creation of garden and amenity areas to contribute to showcasing the monument.

Additional information

  • Duration:
  • Total cost: 190 000 €


Olivier Adam
Bateau de Bretonne Association and vocational support so that this action can be a stepping stone towards occupational reintegration...

Olivier Adam - Bateau de Bretonne Association

People being reintegrated are involved in 3 major types of tasks:

  • maintenance of the site,
  • restoration in accordance with ancient techniques,
  • actual participation in archaeological digs,

They receive social and vocational support so that they can use this action as a stepping stone towards occupational reintegration.

  • Key numbers
  • 14 recipients, ancient theatre reopened to the public since September 2012