Date: 2011 Funds: ERFD Amount of co-financing UE: 7 091 599 € Poitou-Charentes


Themes: The European next door ; Local development and territorial cohesion ; 2007-2013 major European projects
Beneficiary: La Rochelle maritime port

image France avec Poitou-Charentes en surbrillance

The La Rochelle Maritime Port wanted to increase its processing potential within a confined space (it is nearly 10 times smaller than its competitors). To do this, 6 developments were undertaken to increase the capacity of hinterland transportation. The La Rochelle Maritime Port is the only deep sea port on the Atlantic coast and is unaffected by tides or weather conditions. The ERDF supported this extension, enabling the successful completion of six operations relating to independent infrastructure works, while accomplishing an "indivisible task of a precise economic or technical nature". 

In addition to the ERDF's leverage effect, the project led by the La Rochelle Maritime Port was also singled out by the European Commission due to the environmental assessment jointly conducted by State services and Port authorities as well as its participatory approach which involved the consultation of local residents.

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Additional information

  • Duration:
  • Total cost: 67 659 047 €
  • Key numbers
  • 30% increase in port activity