Raise the cross-border general public's awareness of the riches of the territory and the environment

Date: 2013 Funds: ERFD Amount of co-financing UE: 47 608 € Aquitaine

Raise the cross-border general public's awareness of the riches of the territory and the environment

Themes: The European next door ; Sensitive natural areas ; Training

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Surfrider Foundation Europe is committed to the everyday protection and promotion of the ocean and the coastline, as well as lakes and rivers, via educational, lobbying and environmental protection actions.

To do this, the association has created travelling exhibitions based on quality educational content which it leases to make the public aware of environmental issues. Surfrider wishes to impress the visitors and increase their awareness to encourage them to change their behaviour, with a view to protecting this unique natural environment.

Made up of information boards and interactive multimedia modules, these exhibitions expose the public to coastal issues, helping them understand the impact of pollution and identify the ways to combat this pollution.
 Using a variety of formats and addressing different themes (aquatic waste, water quality, maritime transport, degradation of coastal areas, Heritage and waves), they can adapt to all needs and budgets.

Certain formats, such as audiovisual reports, are directly created by young Basque students, in order to popularise each of these themes and make them accessible to as many people as possible, so as to expand the knowledge, awaken consciousness and raise public awareness, more specifically the younger generations.

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) supports the training division of Surfrider Foundation by funding all these educational actions targeting young people and the general public. This project has many objectives as the idea is to refine observation skills, undertake actions, anticipate, explain and respect the world around us.

For more information, visit the www.surfrider.eu website

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  • Total cost: 342 981 €


Elisabeth Calvète Dugate – Surfrider project manager (France)

Elisabeth Calvète Dugate – Surfrider project manager (France)

"Thanks to this cross-border project, we carried out our environmental and educational actions in the Basque territory on both sides of the border. We are a European NGO, therefore we are effectively committed to working with our neighbours. It is totally within Europe's remit to help the territories develop or work together".

  • Key numbers
  • 300 awareness actions among young people and the general public undertaken in the Basque region