User guide

How does it work?

European programmes co-finance actions which correspond with priority areas defined for each region.
For a good start and to link your project to these actions, consult the operational Programme of your region; you will know whether the theme of your project falls within the areas selected for the granting of European aids.
For every area, you will find the name and details of the person or department who will provide you with further information and will help you prepare your application.

Your project is ready: take the plunge and apply for European aid

The subsidy request letter must be signed by the legal representative of the project initiator; it includes the description of the project, its total cost and the subsidy requested.
A standard subsidy request application must then be completed, available from the department in charge of the programme. Don't worry: coordinators are at your disposal at all times to assist you in your approach. They will provide you with valuable advice for putting together your application.

I have submitted my request: what happens now?

The examination of subsidy requests is a concerted process.
Each project initiator has a unique contact, who can be a department in your regional Prefecture, a departmental Prefecture, a regional or departmental authority, a government department etc.
The processing department consults all competent services to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the project, which will be submitted to the programming Committee, who in turn approves or rejects the application and decides on the intervention (reimbursement) rate of structural Funds.

You have received aid? Promote the action of European Funds!

Once the subsidy has been granted by the programming Committee, the project initiator becomes the contracting authority.
He/she commits to complying with implementation deadlines, communicating financial and operational reports, complying with European regulations (competition, environment, public contracts, non-discrimination etc.), submitting to all potential controls and respecting the advertising rules relating to European Funds.

This obligation consists of informing the general public of the project execution location and the European contribution in all communications concerning this project. This aspect is too often neglected although it is essential so that everyone can be made aware of the European Union's contribution to their daily lives.






Click here to download the advertising kit (French version). (2.25 MB)

Note: please feature the 2011 version of the European Union logo (1,011.92 kB) on your communication materials, with the words "EUROPEAN UNION".

When and how to receive the subsidy?

An agreement stipulates the European Funds' payment procedures, in particular the project implementation phases and the co-financing rate. At the end of each phase, the project initiator justifies the expenses, with supporting invoices, and asks for their reimbursement based on the financing rate determined.

For more information, please consult the website dedicated to the European Funds of your region.