What you need to know

Many elected officials, entrepreneurs or association heads believe that European Funds do not concern them. However, these Funds are well distributed and give rise to thousands of projects every year.
From training actions to supporting SMEs to rural development initiatives, the scope of European Funds is broader than is generally believed.

Your project could correspond with the objectives of a European programme.

Am I concerned?

The first thing you need to know is that there is no critical size for projects. What matters is their added value, their impact on employment and their innovative nature, notably when they benefit the economic competitiveness of your region.

For an idea of all that European Funds can co-finance, go to the "Focus on exemplary projects" section.


It's complicated..."
Putting together a financing request application can be time-consuming but these aids really help accelerate the proceedings. They only finance part of the project but have a strong leverage effect: by convincing other partners, they can often be an essential addition without which many of your ideas would have never become a reality.


Do you have a project in mind? To give yourself the best chances of success, you can find all stages of the European co-financing request in the "User guide" section.

Generally speaking, the projects co-financed by the European Funds come under the Lisbon strategy. They directly or indirectly contribute to the objective of making the European Union the world's most competitive economy. This strategy is based on 3 dimensions:

  • An economic dimension: the need to adapt to the evolutions of the information society and the efforts required in terms of research and development;
  • A social dimension: modernisation of the European social model by investing in human resources and fighting against social exclusion.
  • An environmental dimension (Gothenburg strategy): economic growth and the use of natural resources must be separated.