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Europe en France, the portal of European Funds in France, is General commissionership in equal territories' website, designed and coordinated in conjunction with all fund managing ministries, the Representation of the European Commission in Paris and representatives of the Regional competitiveness and employment, Convergence and Cooperation in region programmes.

A service of the Prime Minister, General commissionership in equal territories is an inter-ministerial administration made available to the ministry in charge of territorial planning, i.e. currently the Ministry of rural areas and territorial planning. It prepares, stimulates and coordinates the territorial planning policies undertaken by the State and supports economic changes by focusing on an aggressive approach to competitiveness. Within this context, it is responsible for coordinating the implementation and monitoring of European Funds in France.

The creation and administration of the Europe en France portal are financed by the European regional development Fund (ERDF), as part of the Europ’Act European technical support and coordination programme (for which DATAR is the management authority).

The institutions constituting the site's Steering Committee and Editorial Committee are:

The site's editorial Committee is made up of representatives of:

The website and its editorial content are managed by the ASP (Services and Payment Agency) as part of the Europ'Act agreement.

A specific partnership has been developed with the Representation of the European Commission in Paris, notably for the treatment of European current affairs.

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